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Getting Started in CAP

Hello and welcome on your first steps as a new CAP Senior Member!

There will be a lot of information you will need to assimilate--but don't worry; you can go at whatever pace is most convenient and comfortable for you.  Most of the training and testing is online via our eServices - Learning Management System's portal AXIS and is self-paced.  As you progress into Operations Qualifications (various ratings that signify you are qualified to do certain tasks) training will be in-person or virtual classrooms with a live instructor.

Riverside Senior Squadron 5 primarily focuses on Emergency Services missions and specifically Air Crew (Mission Pilot, Transport Mission Pilot, Mission Observer, Mission Scanner, Aerial Photographer) or Base Staff (Mission Radio Operator).  However, there are many more specialties available in Emergency Services and in order to participate there are a number of prerequisites that you, as a new member, will need to complete to be knowledgeable, safe, and qualified to assist in Squadron 5 and CAP's Emergency Service missions regardless of whether you are a seasoned pilot, new or learning pilot, or a non-pilot Aircrew member.  There is a job and responsibility for everyone involved in a CAP mission regardless of abilities.

First Steps

Required tasks:

  • CAWG Email (Official CAP Email)
    • "CAWG" stands for California Wing, which you are now part of!  After your membership has been processed, the email you defined as your primary personal email should receive an email from CAWG - Office 365 Administrator <noreply@cawgcap.org> with instructions to login into your official CAWG Office 365 account which includes email via Outlook.  You do not need to install any software as you can access all CAWG software using Office 365 browser-based applications.
    • This is in order to gain access to eServices, the primary link to all things CAP.  This is very important in order to understand how CAP classifies information and how to protect that information.
  • Equal Opportunity training
    • required for all members of CAP to understand our corporate stance on equal opportunity amongst CAP membership.
  • CAP Member Photo
    • Instructions (HERE), please make sure you follow the instructions so your picture passes validation.  National HQ will not send your CAP ID card until you have a verified picture in the system.

As a reminder, you can get to eServices (HERE).  Once logged in, go to the LMS (HERE) (or click through the eServices menu to Learning Management System).  

Completion of CAP Professional Level 1 (Within the first 90 days of membership)

Completion of Level 1 unlocks more options for you to pursue activities you may enjoy in CAP as well as unlock the ability to help our squadron.  You'll find most Operations Qualifications will be unavailable to you until you have completed Level 1 and General Emergency Services (GES).  We know it is a time commitment to complete Level 1, but it is online, self-paced, and the Squadron Professional Development Officers and Commander are always available to answer questions and help when you get stuck.

All Level 1 modules are in AXIS, which you can access via the link at the top of the LMS.

Once in AXIS, Level 1 modules are conveniently grouped onto one tab.  Enroll and complete each module.  Once complete, contact our Squadron Commander 1st Lt Andrey Tikhonov, or one of Deputy Commanders (Lt Col Michael Swift or 2d Lt Christopher Younger) so they can verify and officially sign-off on your Level 1 completion.

Completion of the Level 1 modules should only take a few hours total, and you do not have to do it all in one sitting.

The Final Stretch

After Level 1, the very next training you should take is Aircraft Ground Handling in the AXIS LMS.  Our squadron is a flying squadron, and this training allows you to function safely around our aircraft and hangar as well as be authorized to assist with aircraft-related activities.

As you get to this point, given your newfound knowledge of CAP, our squadron, and what you can do to help (we ARE a volunteer organization, after all!), you should start thinking about how you would like to help the squadron in assuming a Duty Position.  We normally ask that you consider a duty assignment that is not oriented toward your professional career--though some professions carry-over and mesh well with CAP missions and goals.  Do not worry about not having experience in a certain field, all duty positions in CAP are designed to be learned by doing with the guidance of the Squadron Command staff and Professional Development Officers.  So don't be afraid to try something new and different for you.  The squadron needs your help to run efficiently! 

If you get stuck anywhere in this process, please reach out for assistance.

Good hunting!

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