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Squadron 5 is looking for exciting individuals, age 18 and over, that seek adventure!

This is an Image of a Crash Taken during an Airborne Search and Rescue. Can you spot the wreck?

If you are looking for a local Cadet squadron, please refer to the Unit Locator.  Our standards are high, do you think you qualify?

Anybody that meets the age requirements can join Civil Age Patrol Squadron 5, but we always reserve the right to ensure there is a good match for both sides.  Civil Air Patrol is made up of several important jobs that are done both on the ground and in the air that do not require a pilot's license. This includes, but is not limited too; observers and scanners, who are part of the flight crew each play as important a role as the pilot during a mission.  Communications staff who relay operation information from different parties who cannot directly communicate with each other.  You also have ground teams (also known as Ground Pounders), who provide assistance from the ground utilizing information given to them from the Air Crew.

If you do have a pilot's license and have some cross-country hours under you belt, you are of great interest to the Civil Air Patrol.

Squadron 5 is short mission pilots and does not participate in mission activities when a pilot cannot be found to fly the aircraft.  An interested pilot only is required to have a private pilot's license with roughly 100 hours PIC before they are allowed to fly the aircraft.  CAP requires annual check flights, known as Form 5.  This helps to keep our pilots current and proficient with the duties required.  The aircraft can be used to accrue additional ratings, in fact, it is encouraged. Flight Instructors are also needed for the New Aircraft, however, since CAP is a volunteer organization, there is no pay involved, but your flight time is Tax Deductible.

To be eligible for enrollment into the Civil Air Patrol Squadron 5, you must attend three squadron meetings. Meetings are held every Tuesday at 7:00 P.M. local time, in the squadron facilities. For directions to the squadron headquarters, see the Our Location page. After you have attended three meetings, you can begin the application process.

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